LAT – Action Team – Government Relations

This committee is chaired by the Second Vice President and is charged with keeping the membership informed of Association action through the website, emails, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Remind App and emails.  Members of this committee keep in touch through texts, emails and phone calls.


This committee is chaired by the Chief Negotiator and is charged with surveying members to prepare for the officers and Executive Committee a proposed package to be negotiated with the employer by the Association’s negotiating team in all areas of member welfare and general working conditions.


This committee is c0-chaired by the President and Treasurer.  A budget is prepared and proposed to the Executive Committee for the Association each year.  Members of the Budget Committee have full access to all financial and other records of the Association pertinent to the preparation of the annual budget.


This committee is co-chaired by the First and Second Vice Presidents and is charged with exploring and preparing programs for securing satisfactory policies and procedures for the redress of grievances.  It processes all grievances fled in accordance with the Agreement and policies adopted by the Association.  It advises the Executive Committee in situations involving the defense of individual rights.


This committee is chaired by the First Vice President and is charged with organizing and conducting membership enrollment and communicate with members about programs, services and benefits of the Association.


This committee is chaired by the Third Vice President and is charged with seeking and developing public understanding of the purposes and programs of the Association.  It is a beacon of light shining into the community.  It develops procedures by which the Association can present information through all forms of media working cooperatively with the public in civic and social organizations.